Impeccable Wraps Site

  • E-Commerce site built for freelance client using Shopify
  • Responsive design implemented so site works across multiple devices and browsers
  • Built custom UI elements using Liquid, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Square Appointments embed used on site for online booking of business services
  • Collaborated with client to define requirements, establish timelines, and estimate costs
  • Met with client bi-weekly presenting visual demos along with project updates

React WPM Test

  • React app which tests user's WPM typing speed
  • Words for test fetched from third-party REST API using Fetch API and JSON
  • React Hooks used for tracking state
  • useEffect() hook used for updating components as state changes or whenever components mount / unmount from the virtual DOM
  • Test checks accuracy of user's typing while handling timers

Hydration Station

  • Electron app which tracks water consumption entered in by user
  • Unit tests using Jest written; integrated with Travis CI and GitHub for continuous integration
  • Scrum methodology practiced to follow agile development lifecycle
  • Technologies used include Electron, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Met with customer weekly to receive feedback on demos and clarify requirements

Tiger Boards

  • Web app which shows space availability for students at University of the Pacific
  • Front-end uses React.js and Material UI
  • RESTful API built using Flask which connects to PostgreSQL database
  • Front-end handles asynchronous data fetching and live UI updates
  • Google Oauth authentication implemented for user account features
  • Administrative access restricts modification of database data

To-Do App

  • Yes, I made a To-Do app. Every developer has to make one, right?
  • Made using vanilla JavaScript
  • Add your own to-do items
  • Delete items from the list
  • Add items from a third-party API, in case you don't want to type words :/
  • Search for items within your list

Portfolio Site

  • This portfolio site was built completely by myself
  • Built using Gatsby, React.js, HTML, and CSS
  • All styling and animations use vanilla CSS